In training, working in all the fields and aiming to enter Fanshawe College to take Engineering construction.

Ambitious with excellent time management, seeking to apply customer service ability and project event planning skills to the business to make it grow in the future.

Possesses proven communication skills and strong work ethic.

Year Experience
1981 5 years of economics at CUC University Barranquilla, Colombia
1985 MBA CUC University Barranquilla- Colombia
1972 - 1976 Owner Manager Guerra’s Harward store- Colombia
1976 - 1990 Owner Manager Construction COINBA LTD. – Colombia
1990 - 2007 Owner Manager Charlie Tours New York City
2008 - 2005 Owner Manager Liaison International Import – Colombia
2006 - 2008 Owner Manager Liaison International – Canada
2007 - 2008 Business Management Diploma – Herzin College Ottawa
2008-2009 Sales at The Brick London Ontario
2010 - 2012 Sales at ADT security systems London Ontario
2012- Present Owner Manager DAVINCI CONTRACTORS GROUP INC.