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We care about all the safety-related issues and government regulations; our people are our most valuable asset.

Environmental Health and Safety is a part of the risk management area at Davinci Contractors. Our experience has demonstrated that by aligning business’ personnel, subcontractors, and partners with our safety protocols of loss avoidance, we will achieve safe and successful projects.

At Davinci Contractors Group Inc. we strive to eliminate all worksite incidents through pre-planning job site activities with safety protocols. These procedures, along with our policies and mandatory safety inspections provide an effective safe organization.

We have the following guidelines for every project:

  1. Carry on with work only if it is safe to do so
  2. Provide a safe environment at every job site
  3. Every employee or subcontractor must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while on site
  4. The supervisor must be aware of every license and permit needed to work.
  5. Follow all Davinci Contractors Group Standards, Policies, and Guidelines

Davinci Contractors Group Inc is always identifying risk areas in order to continuously improve safety guidelines.

We have procedures and guidelines in place for:

  1. a) Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection Program HS&E
  2. b) Hazard Assessment and Management
  3. c) Accident Incident investigation
  4. d) Preventive Maintenance Program
  5. e) Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment
  6. f) Health and Safety at Work

In addition to the guidelines above, when on site, we take a moment everyday and gather as a crew to evaluate the safety of the site. We want to hear and apply any suggestion from our personnel to ensure their safety and the safety of everyone around us.