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Carlos D Guerra was raised in a business family where he was taught how to work since a short age. When he was 23-year-old, he opened his first business and it was a hardware store, from there he jumped to a metal-mechanical and construction company. During this stage of life, he got his economist degree attending university at night.

Being a young businessman, he got his first job as a part-time professor at the Autonoma University and Littoral University in Barranquilla city (Colombia). He never gave up managing his business at the same time.

Political circumstances led him to leave the country and he settled in New York where he ended up setting up a tourism company for a term of 7 years. After that, he returned to his country to enter into an import business bringing electric materials from China, but the situation had not changed much, so he decided to immigrate to Canada in 2005.

In Canada, having that background and keeping open mind, he tried different options and went through different regular jobs for immigrants. In 2009, he started doing painting, working as a part time contractor while working in sales but always thinking in starting his own business. In spite, he started to get a good position in sales, he was not happy with those sales jobs and in 2012 he decided to start his Davinci Contractors Company in full time doing painting and renovations. Beside the hard marketing work, we have done so many basements, bathroom renovation, and many painting jobs.

Penetrating such a competitive market was not easy. Working always with high standard of quality and remarkable customer service and the vast marketing knowledge acquired over around 40 years handling different businesses, gave him an advanced position to penetrate the market. Last year Davinci was recognized by 3Best rated – Google as one of the best companies in paint and renovation in London Ontario.

Recently we entered into de landscaping business and into the demolitions, treatment of asbestos and mold removal and aiming to open more offices in Ontario and other provinces.